Types of law Firm practices

Some large firms handle different areas of law while others specialize in one type of law within the entire practice. Here are some common types of law that firms represent

Family law

Lawyers working in family law specialize in issues that affect family structures and arrangements. This includes divorce proceedings, custody agreements, adoption procedures and domestic abuse cases. Family law practices also take on the special role of interceding in the legal proceedings of juveniles.

Criminal law

Criminal lawyers work in two opposite positions to either defend or prosecute individuals accused of committing a crime. A criminal defense lawyer seeks to uphold the personal rights of citizens as they undergo a trial. Prosecutors or district attorneys work to defend the state in order to convict a defendant by proving them guilty of a crime.

Personal injury law

Personal injury lawyers get involved with cases where an individual makes a claim regarding medical trauma they’ve undergone due to an accident or other injury. Cases in this area may include lawsuits against product liability, workplace injury and automobile accidents. Personal injury law often concerns tort law or acts that may be harmful but not illegal.

Appellate law

Appellant attorneys take cases from clients who have lost in lower courts and appeal the case to higher or supreme courts either at the state or federal level. Practicing appellant law requires professionals to argue for a new outcome for clients including a retrial or an altered sentence from a judge. Appellate attorneys may conduct more research than other legal professionals in preparation to challenge a court decision.

Bankruptcy law

This area of law involves both individuals and businesses in managing financial debts. Bankruptcy lawyers may represent a creditor who aims to collect funds from an individual or business or a debtor with insolvency problems related to paying a debt.

Real estate law

Legal professionals who work in real estate law provide representation and counsel for real estate contracts and court proceedings involving property rights and ownership. Real estate law can also involve tenant and landlord disputes or rights.

Tax law

Tax law concerns businesses and individuals under investigation by the Internal Revenue Service and other cases involving taxation at local or state levels. Attorneys working in tax law also offer counsel about tax implications for large investments both domestically and internally.

Corporate law

This law discipline focuses on handling the legal needs of businesses. Lawyers who work in corporate or business law may be involved in cases regarding financial transactions, employment laws or intellectual property lawsuits.