What does a law administrator do

The administrative duties of a law administrator vary depending on the firm’s size, but they should have extensive knowledge in legal and secretarial matters. Their responsibilities at well-established law firms are more specialized compared to their roles at smaller offices. Still, most of them work full time. Below we discuss what a law administrator does.

A law administrator ensures smooth communication between the clients, their attorneys and courts. They also obtain the required documentation before hearings and meetings.

In all law firms, the law firm administrators manage schedules for lawyers’ meetings with clients. They also check and update the agenda and schedule for trial dates, hearings and court depositions.

A law firm administrator must ensure that all legal documents stay organized with scanning, faxing, copying and filing duties, and procedures. They provide administrative assistance on case management systems, filing procedures and general office systems.

The administrators transcribe recordings made by legal professionals into legal documents. They also proofread all the legal documents to ensure they include critical information.

Law firm administrators ensure that all meetings and internal events run efficiently. They prepare PowerPoint presentations, coordinate other video conferences and plan the proper implementation of all the necessary logistics.

The administrators manage the office budget and oversee the purchase of office supplies, furniture, equipment, and services. They also take charge of all the travel logistics for the firms’ legal professionals. They may also engage in legal research by using various electronic systems such as LexisNexis and Westlaw.

Law firm administrators run firms’ human resource tasks. For example, they;

  • Write, review and update employees’ contracts

  • Prepare the payroll, manage employee benefits and compensation

  • Ensure adequate staffing

  • Assist in the hiring and integration of new support staff

  • Manage office space arrangements, office equipment and office operations.