Discuss the Growing Concerns Over Credibility of Online Medical Resources

Discuss the Growing Concerns Over Credibility of Online Medical Resources

Discuss the Growing Concerns Over Credibility of Online Medical Resources.

The ease with which information can be published to the Internet makes it possible for anyone to publish incorrect information to the world. As more and more online sources of medical information emerge, it becomes more difficult to discern which are credible.


Q. Misleading advertising messages regarding fast food are often given by __________.

A. Politicians
B. Doctors
C. Athletes
D. Dentists


Q. Which of the following are not common buzz words found on the labels of health products?

A. No Side Effects!
B. Miracle Cure!
C. No Natural Ingredients!
D. Studies Underway!

Q. What is a good way to establish the credibility of online sources?

A. Checking the site for links to other credible sources
B. Assess the presentation of the material for professionalism
C. Determine if the site presents good, unbiased coverage of the topics
D. All of the above


Q. Which statement describes a key effect of technology?

A. Technology creates more sources of information.
B. Technology creates fewer sources of information.
C. Technology makes it easy to determine which sources are credible.
D. Technology keeps information concealed from the public.

Q. Outline the steps needed to analyze media messages we experience each day.

The steps needed to analyze media messages we experience each day include: determining what type of message is being presented, what it is trying to accomplish, who is receiving the message and how it is being perceived by that target audience. We consider these elements in order to determine whether or not a particular message falls within ethical guidelines for advertising, public relations and marketing communications.

Q. Identify three of the key messages used by advertisers when promoting their products. or What are three key messages used by advertisers when promoting products?

Three key messages often used are: 1. “Everyone is doing it”; 2. “It’s fun to use our products”; 3. “You will be successful if you use our products.”


Preliminary Discussion Document

This is a discussion document designed to broaden the discussion concerning the proposed new product. The purpose of this document is not to define the complete requirements or design of the product, but rather to provide some initial guidance regarding what we believe should be included in the final product and how such functionality would be approached.

This document is a summary of the proposed new product from a broader perspective. It will be updated over the next few weeks to include more detailed information about technical requirements and features, as well as any potential obstacles or challenges to be overcome during development.

Identifying Credible Sources

Many people are using social media sites as a source of health information. However, most of the information found on social media is not verified and can range in credibility. Using credible sources is important when looking for information to be sure that you have a reliable source of information to guide you in your health decisions.

The best way to determine the credibility of a source is to look at who is behind it. Do they have any credentials or professional experience? What kind of professional experience do they have? What information do they provide on their site? Is there an organizational mission statement or mission statement about how the organization will treat their information in general? Is there any historical information about how long this organization or person has been active in the field and what their history has been with similar organizations and work?

Know the Better Answer of Health considerations

Health considerations are important in the care of an elder, as they can affect medication intake, daily routines and more. Regardless of where you live, most health concerns appear to be similar nowadays.

From all different angles, a healthy lifestyle is the key to a long and prosperous life. Health is nothing but the soundness of the body and mind. It is not necessary to be physically fit in order to be healthy, but it is very likely that you will be much more healthy if your body is strong and able. Personal health is the foundation for many other rewarding aspects of life.

Standardized Vetting Mechanisms

Standardized vetting mechanisms enable companies to receive similar information about prospective vendors. The information collected by these mechanisms varies by company, but a consistent standard ensures that the information received by all companies is useful for making decisions on vendor relationships. These vetters make it easier for hiring managers to make more informed decisions about when to vet a vendor, and how much time to spend vetting them.

A standardized vetting mechanism is a tool for evaluating individuals to ensure that only those with high potential are considered for employment. A standardized vetting mechanism allows management to compare the credentials, skills and interpersonal style of an individual with other candidates who were evaluated using similar criteria.

Most fast-food advertisements focus on the high levels of salt and fat contained in the food.

Fast food advertisements focus on the high levels of salt and fat in their food, and not on the benefits of eating one meal at home instead. When it comes to your health, this is a dangerous habit.

Adverts for fast food restaurants often show images of unhealthy food, and highlight the high levels of salt and fat contained in their products.

Compare and contrast emergency procedures and elective procedures.

Emergency procedures are done on patients that have a condition that needs immediate treatment. Examples are emergency cesarean sections, trauma, and heart attacks. Elective procedures are done to fix problems that don’t need immediate attention but the patient wants this procedure done at a certain time instead of later in life. Example procedures would be cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery and orthopedics like joint replacements or spinal fusion total hip replacement….