How Does A Criminal Case Progress – Taking A Look At The Proceedings

Criminal Case

Like any other convoluting felony, a criminal case may seem pretty confusing to some people as well. And, if you want to create a perfect counterplan, you’ll have to learn about how the whole process works properly.

Only then, you can plan your moves accordingly alongside your criminal defense attorney in Kansas City and progress successfully.

In this article, I’ve offered a step-by-step guide on how a criminal case progresses overtime. So, give it a read and tell me what you think about it. If you have any suggestion or question, don’t forget to mention it in the comment section. I’ll be there to answer you.

What Happens In A Criminal Case?

In general, the proceeding of a criminal case will begin right after someone charges you with the same. Here’s what happens then.

Stage – 1: Police Investigation

Once they get a report, the police will begin investigating the case closely. The process might include – interrogating the witnesses, measuring the crime scene, photographing, finding and identifying the suspect, etc. They may collect a piece of physical evidence or two as well.

Stage – 2: The Entrance Of The Prosecuting Attorney

Now, the charging request will be seen and reviewed by the prosecuting attorney. During this period, they’ll decide if you’re guilty for the crime or not. If they find the case to be too fishy, they provide an arrest warrant to the police.

Stage – 3: Making An Arrest

If the crime was committed in the presence of a police officer or they’ve proof of something as such against you – they’ll make the arrest subsequently. However, before they do the same with you, don’t forget to ask them if they have a warrant or not. They are bound by law to show you the warrant, in case they try to assault you, NYC police brutality lawyer are there to help you.

Stage – 4: Court Arraignment

This will be the first court appearance for you whether or not you’ve committed the felony. In this aspect, the judge will tell you about why you’ve been arrested and let you know about the rights you have. A bond will be set in your case as well.

Stage – 5: Pre-Trial Conference

This one usually happens after a week or two since you’ve appeared in court. In this aspect, your lawyer and the prosecutor will sit together and decide if they want to resolve the case with a plea bargain or not. If not, the case will go into the trial phase.

Stage – 6: Trial

If you were unfortunate or believed in your innocence, then you can take your case to trail as well. In this aspect, you’ll have to appear in the court – in front of twelve jurors and the judge – and challenge the prosecutor legally.

Stage – 7: Pre-Sentence Report Or Investigation

Even if you’ve ended up losing your case in the trial, the court will still go through the report of the case and see if they’ve missed out on something. If they still find you to be guilty, they will contact the victim for the recommendation of the sentence.

Stage – 8: Sentence

The sentencing of your case will depend on where the case is being taken care of. Depending on the same and the severity of your guilt, your sentence can range from serving jail time to getting a life sentence. Talk with your lawyer to learn if you have your way in this aspect.

Stage – 9: Appeal

Finally, you can also make an appeal before getting a sentence. It’ll be reviewed accordingly by the court, and if they deem it to be justified, they’ll accept it. Or else, you’ll have to serve your sentence as said by the court. There’s no two ways about it.

Wrapping It All Up!

So, that’ll be all for this blog. Hopefully, you did get what you came to learn here. I mean, I have tried to include as much data as possible here.

But, I know, I may have missed something important while preparing this article. So, if you find something wrong about it, don’t forget to let me know in the comment section below.I’ll surely add it the next time I review the article.

And, if it’s a question, I’ll be happy to reply to you as soon as possible. Have a good day!