Insurance on Jewellery | Can you insure jewellery separately?

Jewellery Insurance

Can you get insurance on jewellery?

If you have jewellery that’s not insured, you’ll be liable for the costs of any repairs to it. This can be costly and inconvenient, especially if you’re young and your parents have to foot the bill. Luckily for you, you don’t need to pay for the underwriting on any piece of jewellery unless it’s in your home. You can instead get insurance on your jewellery so that if anything happens to it, you’re fully covered. This is to inform you that is providing insurance services to their valued customers. You can now take advantage of this while shopping or buying your favorite jewellery.

If you’re an avid jewellery collector and value your collection, you may want to consider insurance. Insurance could cover the cost to replace your pieces in the case that they’re lost or damaged while in your home.


How much does it cost to insure a piece of jewelry?

Jewelry insurance typically costs between 1-2% of the value of the jewelry per year. So a $5,000 ring would cost less than $100 per year to insure. Most policies don’t cover more expensive items of jewelry, like rings with diamonds or necklaces made of gold.

Most jewelry insurance policies are priced per year, meaning that for most items with a value under $25,000, you’d pay about $25 per year to insure. For higher-value items, the cost can be closer to $100 each year.


Can you insure jewellery separately?

In the UK, your home insurance policy will typically only cover damage to a house and contents when the event that caused it happened. If you have jewellery sets or collections in your house (such as jewellery, antique furniture, artworks and antiques), then this is likely to be covered by your home insurer – as long as they have insurance for items like this. However, if your home insurer can’t cover this kind of item then you should be able to arrange standalone insurance with a specialist jewellery insurance company with cover for everything from fine watches to antique silverware.

Would you like to know whether your home insurance can cover the value of your jewellery set or collection? If so, it’s important to get full insurance with a specialist jewellery insurance company.


How does jewellery insurance work?

Jewellery insurance is a type of insurance that protects your valuable items such as rings, necklaces, watches and earrings. It’s designed to protect you against the loss or destruction of jewellery. In the event of a claim, your insurer will generally replace or repair your jewellery, or offer a cash settlement or voucher.

Jewellery insurance is a financial product that protects your valuable items such as rings, necklaces, watches and earrings from theft, damage and even accidental loss. The 3 main types of jewellery insurance available are travel, business and motorcyclists’ policies. Whichever type you choose, it will protect you against nasty surprises when travelling abroad.