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In order to help growers, distributors, processors, and retailers of hemp and CBD products in Tennessee manage the changing hemp legislation, Hemp Law Group, a full-spectrum law practice, was founded. While our defense professionals tenaciously protect the rights of our hemp clients in both civil and criminal legal cases, our business lawyers handle all facets of hemp business creation, contracts, and real estate.
The lawyers at Thorburn Law Group assist farmers, start-up companies, and investors in the hemp and CBD industry by assisting with license applications and creating business contracts, commercial leases, and financing paperwork for hemp-related firms. Our company will assist clients in comprehending the Tennessee hemp laws and regulations in this highly regulated business.

Hemp, hemp derivatives, hemp extract, and cannabinoids derived from hemp were all removed from the Controlled Substances Act by the Farm Bill, which was approved on June 13, 2018. Hemp would be regarded as an agricultural product on a federal level under the new Farm Bill. However, Tennessee’s legal framework for hemp and CBD products is still far from clear-cut and uncomplicated. Before taking any action in the hemp sector, it is crucial to consult with an experienced attorney in order to understand the dangers and be ready to take the necessary actions to preserve legal compliance with Tennessee hemp laws.

Whether you wish to cultivate industrial hemp, are interested in CBD manufacturing and retail, or want to know more about Tennessee’s quickly developing non-THC cannabinoid market,

Hemp Law Group is here to provide information, direction, and legal services, whether you want to produce industrial hemp, are intrigued about CBD processing and retail, or want to learn more about the fast growing non-THC cannabinoid business in Tennessee. To arrange a meeting so that we can learn more about your business plans and decide the best course of action, contact us right now!