What Is The Role of an Immigration Attorney


What Is the Role of an Immigration Attorney?

People from all over the world want to live the American dream. America is a land of immigrants and it is a place where people can start businesses and pursue educational opportunities that they may not be able to anywhere else.

According to Extraordinary Immigration PLLC, if you want to come to America to work or study or if you wish to become a citizen, you will need the assistance of a trained immigration attorney. An attorney has several different duties when representing a client who is dealing with the office of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration. 

An immigration lawyer may do anything from advising a person of their legal rights to representing them in court. A good part of their job is helping people with paperwork for things like visas, green cards, and citizenship.


Providing Legal Advice

In some cases, a business may hire an attorney as a consultant for immigration issues. For example, if a business is interested in hiring foreign workers, an attorney may advise them of their legal rights and tell them how to get started. If a person has relatives who are citizens of another country and wish to come to America, a lawyer can advise them on the basic steps it will take to make that happen.


Helping With Applications 

One of the most common things an immigration attorney will do is to help clients fill out application forms. When a person immigrates to the United States, they will normally get a visa from the United States Embassy in their country of origin. 

If you want to stay in the United States for an extended period of time to work or go to school, you will need a visa no matter what country you are from. There are many different types of visas. You may know that a person coming to the country to work needs a different visa than someone who comes to study. You may not know that there are several kinds of work visas. Knowing which one to fill out can be confusing.

An immigration attorney can tell you which type of form to fill out. They will make sure you have all of the proper documentation before you submit anything.  If you fill out the wrong form or fill out a form incorrectly, it can cost you time and money.


Helping You Get a Green Card

If someone wants to hire you on a permanent basis or if you want to marry a U.S Citizen, an immigration attorney can help you get permanent residence. They can tell you everything you will need to be successful and represent you in an appeal if your application does not go through.



Once you have had a green card for five years, you can begin the process of becoming an American citizen. You will undergo a background check and take a test in English and American history. An attorney can argue on your behalf if anything questionable comes up on your background check in an administrative court. They can also help you gather documents and complete forms.

America is a land of opportunity. You can take advantage of all she has to offer if you follow the right steps and get a great lawyer.


Help You Guide Through Order Of Supervision

An immigration lawyer assists in Exploring Orders of Supervision by comprehensively understanding the legal landscape. They assess your unique circumstances, explain the implications of the order, and outline your rights, ensuring you have accurate information.

These lawyers strategize options based on your situation, aiding in preparing required documentation and forms while communicating with ICE on your behalf. They can negotiate terms, request modifications, and advocate for your best interests.

Throughout the process, an immigration lawyer monitors deadlines and provides expert representation in court if necessary, ultimately guiding you through the complexities of the OSUP with their legal expertise and support.