Why Hire a Lawyer to Terminate Florida Timeshares

Going on vacation is always an experience and something you can’t wait for, whether you need an escape from everyday life or simply a change of environment. That’s why many people in the UK choose overseas resorts. Florida, USA, is especially interesting, mainly because of the climate and amazing holiday amenities.

Many UK citizens have been flying to specific resorts for years. For those who don’t want to change good things, timesharing is the right deal. It actually means you lease a property for a certain period of years and for a certain period during the year (one or more weeks). You are not alone but share that property with other ‘owners.’

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Indeed, owning a timeshare in a holiday resort seems like a score. However, after some time, you might want to cancel this contract. Maybe the maintenance fees have skyrocketed, so this deal is no longer worth it. Or perhaps something prevents you from going on vacation for a while. Or maybe you just came across a better timeshare offer.

Whatever the reason, timeshare cancellation is your right, which can be done in several ways. For example, you can return it to the resort, sell it, or use a rescission period (only if you bought a timeshare recently). But if by chance some problems arise, the best solution to be 100% free of timeshare is to hire a lawyer.


Clarifying Contract Details

You may think the right way to cancel a timeshare is to quit paying your obligations. If that were possible, things would be quite simple. Timesharing is a contractual arrangement that is very detailed, and that is what can be a problem. You can’t just stop paying but also meet some additional requirements. If you fail to do so, you may have legal problems.

For starters, a seasoned real estate lawyer can help you understand all the clauses of the contract you have signed. If you’re not legally savvy, it can be really difficult to catch up with all legal matters, so you need expert help. Your lawyer will read the contract, explain your rights and obligations in simple terms, and clarify doubts.

Even if there are obvious contract violations, you shouldn’t conclude and carry out legal action on your own. In Florida, unlicensed practice of law (UPL) is a felony of the third degree, and you face severe sanctions if you commit it. Luckily, the timely engagement of a timeshare termination lawyer prevents this by law. That will protect you from any lawsuit and law infringement due to UPL.


Help in Creating the Best Exit Strategy

After looking at the details of your contract and noticing possible violations that entitle you to timeshare cancellation, your legal representative will help you devise the best exit strategy. At the same time, they will consider your wishes and needs, as well as finances if they are the reason for the cancellation.

In case you no longer want timeshare ownership, your attorney can suggest selling it or returning it to the resort. In both cases, they will act on your behalf to ensure the best cancellation terms. They will protect your interest against the resort’s ones by negotiating on your behalf.

In situations when there’s no other way out than to pay the timeshare obligations and exit fees, your attorney can advise you on the best ways to finance it. Most often, it will be a loan. Which one you can apply for depends on the amount you need and your credit ability. In any case, a lawyer is here to help you find the most painless solution. See more information on hiring the best one.

Considering that lawyers are better at handling legal terms and practices, they will find the best way for you to reach your goal legally while protecting your rights. For example, they can provide you with lower fees for timeshare cancellation or possibly file a lawsuit against a resort if there are reasons for that.


Protection against Debt Collectors

Very often, if you owe money to the resort, this amount grows over time, and you may not even be aware of it. And you won’t even have a clue that the resort leaves your debt to collectors. And so the disturbing calls begin. They can even hire a UK debt collection company to act on their behalf.

Debt collection is an action that resorts take before they sue you. So you need a lawyer to defend you against collectors and possibly in court if it comes to that. In the first case, your legal representative will prevent harassing calls. They will enforce the law so that debt collectors can’t call you if you have a lawyer.

After handling debt collectors, your lawyer can try to settle with the resort about your debt and the payment method without legal action. They can convince the resort to waive some costs or even prolong debt collection.


Assistance in Lawsuits and Arbitration

If there’s a dispute between you and the company that sold you a timeshare, legal action might be necessary. When the resort rejects negotiations and threatens you with lawsuits due to a possible breach of contract on your part, it’s time for your lawyer to act.

For instance, the resort can sue you for non-payment of timeshare maintenance fees. If you lose that dispute, you might have to pay a lot in principal, interest, and court costs. As debt can pile up, it can lead to bankruptcy or foreclosure, ruining your credit score.

So if you’re facing a lawsuit, you need a lawyer to negotiate a settlement before things go to court. In case that doesn’t happen, they’ll help you gather evidence, draft a counterclaim, and defend you when the litigations begin.


If you want to terminate the timeshare, hiring a lawyer is a smart move. It may not save you from the debt you have towards the resort, but it will ease the procedure and ensure peace of mind during the litigation.