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Lawyers offer legal services that people need for many reasons, such as family feuds, participation in car accidents, claiming personal injuries, etc. Things like this happen every day, which means legal services are in high demand. Law offices with a proven reputation have a lot of work in particular.

With that in mind, one gets the impression that lawyers already have enough work and that their online presence isn’t necessary for their successful business. Wrong. The legal niche is growing, and the number of legal experts offering their services is growing, too, making this market more competitive. At any moment, the number of your clients can drop because they’ve found someone else for legal services or advice.

To prevent this from happening, your law office must be present on the Internet. Considering how people seek legal assistance and representation today, there is a huge chance that you can gather a large number of prospective clients this way. And for that to happen, you have to attract them to your website. As seen on, the solution is well-done SEO.


Why Lawyers Need Online Presence

Clients who have already used your services can give good recommendations for your firm and thus attract new potential clients. However, even though word of mouth is an excellent (and free) marketing strategy, you shouldn’t rely on it alone. More than ever, it’s of critical importance to find your place in the online world, where you can get a large number of clients.

Having a good website and being present on social media are staples of today’s business success. These are methods to establish your legal business, especially if you’re new to the market. People need to hear about you, and you need to get them interested in engaging with your website or your social media pages.

You need these as people who have received a good recommendation for your office can look for more details about your firm on the Internet. But a much bigger market is local users looking for legal help online. That’s where you should assert yourself as the best solution.

Of course, you need to be good at what you do and show that to potential clients once they get to your website or social media page. Here are some tips on how to retain visitors to your law firm website. But you need to get them there first.


How SEO Helps Lawyers

SEO helps your law firm to get more organic traffic in the long run. It’s a way to drive more visitors to your website, blog, or directory listing. People in need of legal services look for them online, which makes them qualified leads you should attract. Those leads are potential clients who come to you because they need your help. You just need to make sure that your legal expertise is what they need.

Potential clients search for legal services using specific search terms. The purpose of a good SEO strategy is to position you high among online searches for those specific keywords (for example, the best divorce attorney in Chicago). In this way, you target people who are actively looking for legal services, which increases the chance of conversion from leads to clients.

With the help of SEO, you can also reach people who have never heard of you before. And the more “noticeable” you are, the better chance you have of attracting authority-boosting backlinks. It’s a win-win situation, as you connect with relevant sources through which more organic traffic can reach you, further expanding your reach and improving your ranking.


Critical Importance of Local SEO

People today can do many things online, so they will most likely look for a lawyer there. As a search term, they will most often type why they need a lawyer and the location, for instance, family lawyer Chicago. They will be specific about the location because it’s (still) not possible for someone to legally represent you remotely.

As you target local clients, they need a good strategy to attract them and a reliable Chicago SEO agency to help you with that. They can optimize your pages for local searches, which is an excellent method of staying competitive within your service area. This strategy can help you outrank competitors in your local area.


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In addition to the website, Google Business Page, which you can also optimize for searches, can help you rank your law firm and get more clients. When this page ranks for keywords that describe your legal services, you improve your local presence, which gives you a chance for more local users to contact you.

The Internet is a place to be for legal firms looking for more clients. With good SEO strategy, you can establish your business, increase its visibility, and slowly but surely build a recognizable brand, which is a proven way to get more clients.