Police Clearance Certificate in Germany

How Do I Get a Police Clearance Certificate in Germany?

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Police Clearance Certificate in Germany

Germany Police is the organization that issues the country’s police clearance certificate. PCC is often referred to by various names, including:

  • Good Conduct Certificate
  • Certificate of Clearance
  • Police Check
  • Identity History Summary Check
  • Criminal History Record Check

Germany PCC requirements include immigration to other nations like Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, etc., visa purposes, adoption abroad, work permits, and employment, among other things. The German Police issues a certificate known as a “Police Clearance Certificate” that details the applicant’s involvement in criminal activity.

The interchange of data on convicted offenders will be much improved according to an agreement reached by Germany, France, Belgium, and Spain. Criminal record (Führungszeugnis) in the four EU nations will be easily accessible upon request by late 2005.


4 Simple Steps to Obtaining the Germany PCC

1. We will gather all the documents needed to obtain a Germany PCC, or the applicant can deliver all paperwork directly to our office;
2. Will finish filling out the application;
3. We’ll cover any fees that are necessary;
4. submitting your request for the PCC to the Germany Police.


Document Required

  • Old Passport Copy:
  • New Passport Copy:
  • Any Other Govt. ID:
  • 2 passport size photo:
  • PCC processing fee:

Processing time

The outcome will be available in 25–30 working days.

Processing fee

Application fees and processing costs are both non-refundable.


Which crime occurs most frequently in Germany?

Theft, street crime, and fraud were the most prevalent sorts of criminal offenses listed by German police. Shoplifting is a form of theft, but street crime fundamentally refers to criminal activity that takes place outside in a public area. Common examples include mugging and vandalism.


Can I work in Germany if I have a criminal record?

If a person is not a citizen of Germany or the European Union, a residence permit enables them to stay there for a longer period of time. For instance, a person needs a residence permit if they want to study, work, or look for work while they are in Germany.

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