How Much Does a Family Lawyer Cost in Australia?

Family Lawyers

Do You Require A Family Lawyer?

You don’t, however, Legal representation could be beneficial in the process of divorce as there are many legal issues related to family law that could be raised. Consider disputes that arise regarding;

  • Child support and arrangements for care for child-related issues.
  • The cost of living and the amount due.
  • Settlement of property and living arrangements If the divorce plea is granted.
  • Problems that arise when one partner doesn’t want to divorce.

The divorce process can last as long as one year depending on the circumstances. A quicker divorce process can decrease the expense of divorce as well. If there is a dispute between you and your partner, then the divorce process is likely to be longer. You should get assistance from the best family lawyers central coast, as issues related to the family are sensitive and need to be handled with utmost care.

A family lawyer can represent you legally throughout your divorce and matters related to your family. They will inform you in such a way that you understand your legal rights, as well as assist you to negotiate a settlement between you and your spouse. If no settlement can be reached, the lawyer will represent you in the court.

What Are The Main Divorce Costs?

If you’re not representing yourself, you must be prepared to cover the divorce costs. You’ll pay the lawyer representing your family for legal guidance. Certain family lawyers cost a consultation fee at the beginning of the process.

If you’re unsure about the cost of divorce, an effective alternative is to locate lawyers that offer a no-cost consultation prior to the beginning of divorce process. 

A divorce law firm or lawyer may charge an hourly rate or a fixed cost. Get clarification on the specific services included in the price. There could be phone costs for calls, photocopying payments for witness-related expenses and so on.

A junior lawyer could manage the case if your divorce is not particularly complicated, like when the opposing party has no disagreement or agrees with the petition. Since it is an affordable procedure, the total price will be lower.

In addition to the cost of legal counsel, the average divorce costs will also include expenses that are incurred in the court.

These are legal costs to file for divorce like court filing fees. If you’re applying divorce on your own as the single applicant, take into account the costs of the service of your spouse as well as any other parties involved, or other costs that arise if the court is located in various states. If you are a divorce applicant who is facing financial hardship, you may be qualified for a lower cost of filing for legal aid if you satisfy the local court’s requirements to be eligible for this type of aid.


Are There Additional Fees That Might Affect The Cost In Your Divorce?

There could be additional costs that may impact total divorce costs in certain instances. For instance, you could require an advisor in the field of finance to assist you in dividing your property, assets and debts in a fair way. Independent experts could also be called upon to testify in the court regarding the worth of particular assets.

The best family lawyer central coast will be capable of providing you with estimates of total expense of divorce, as the lawyer has an understanding of your circumstances. Furthermore, based on the result, the petitioner could be required to pay the cost of the divorce. This could include child support as well as expenses for spousal maintenance.


Know The Fixed Costs In The Equation

There are also fixed expenses in the course of your Family Law case that will not be in the hands of your chosen solicitor or lawyer. This includes the Court or government costs. They are set through government agencies such as the Australian Government and the Family Court of Australia.

The Federal Court of Australia states it is ” Court fees are determined through Federal Court and Federal Circuit Court Regulation 2012. The Regulation is drafted through The Federal Government.”

These costs cover things such as the filing of legal documents as well as conducting your hearing or other procedures. Thus, these expenses are not determined by (and can not be managed through) lawyers. Most of the time your lawyer will make these payments directly at the Court and bill you for them in the rest of your fee. The costs that your legal representative incurs on behalf of you are known in the form of payments.


Find Out If You’re Eligible To Receive Any Cost Exemptions Or Deferred Payment Arrangements

In certain circumstances you could be qualified for an exemption or delay in the cost imposed in the Court. If you believe that your circumstances warrant this then you should apply to the Federal Court of Australia Registry or complete a form via the Exemption of Fees page. If, however, you are uncertain if you’re eligible or not, your legal representative, if you choose the best family lawyer in central coast, will guide you on the best route to follow.



The cost varies based on the lawyer’s experience as well as qualifications. You can however expect to pay a cost that is around $350 per hour on the average. If you’re trying to find a less expensive alternative, some lawyers will offer flat-fee arrangements. It means you’ll pay a fixed amount to complete the procedure.

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