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Industrial Hemp Attorneys and Lawyers

Industrial Hemp Attorneys is a law firm that specializes in all the industrial hemp-related laws and regulations, from global to federal. Experienced team of attorneys from Thorburn Law Group provide the highest level of legal advice, industry knowledge and strategic consulting while protecting their clients’ interests. From small start-ups to large organizations eager to enter this quickly expanding sector, Hemp business attorneys work on a wide spectrum of firms within the industry.

Hemp was reclassified under the 2018 Farm Bill, and industrial hemp cultivation is now permitted. States and tribes can submit plans that permit farmers to cultivate hemp in specific regions by following the guidelines provided by the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS).

What states can legally grow hemp?

There are 11 legal hemp states in the USA. They are:










Washington, and



Roles of the hemp business attorneys 

  • Looking into the origin of hemp goods to make sure they aren’t made from marijuana and don’t have THC levels that aren’t allowed;
  • Examining the dangers involved with shipping hemp domestically and abroad;
  • Acquiring permits for the growth or processing of hemp;
  • Providing clients with guidance on the most effective methods for producing, labeling, and distributing hemp goods;
  • Addressing concerns and seizures of CBD products made from hemp;
  • Providing clients with updates when national laws and regulations change; and
  • Advising clients on FDA rules and regulations as they build.


Detailed Legal Advice for Clients

Clients include businesses and entrepreneurs looking to enter different segments of the cannabis/CBD/hemp market in New Jersey and New York, including retailers, growers, cultivators, processors, and distributors; ancillary service providers; and employers and people affected by the effects of cannabis use. Lawyers also work with adult-use operators from other states. In relation to compliance with New Jersey’s medical marijuana regulations, they also represent physicians, patients, medical facilities, and other businesses.

Attorneys have a great deal of experience helping established cannabis business owners as well as helping new businesses and entrepreneurs navigate the licensing procedure.


Every stage of setting up and running a business or ancillary service provider is counseled by the Law practice group, including:

  • Formation and Financing of Corporations
  • Retailers, farmers, cultivators, processors, and distributors are all subject to licensing and permitting.
  • Regulatory Conformity
  • Real estate for sale, zoning, and land use
  • Products for Health Care Business Litigation Liability
  • Working and Employment
  • Insurance for Intellectual Property Liability and Recoveries
  • Management of Risk

Stakeholders in the industry are impacted by a wide range of complications relating to medical use, including:

  • choosing suitable real estate sites
  • municipal land use and zoning concerns
  • getting cannabis or hemp licenses while navigating a variety of regulations
  • reducing risk
  • the defense of intellectual property

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