How to Avoid the Most Common Pitfalls of Criminal Law

Being charged with a crime in Virginia is one of the most demanding things you can go through. According to a criminal defense lawyer, some defendants often make things more complicated by making mistakes. It is in your interest to avoid the following mistakes, and your odds of a successful outcome will considerably increase.


Speaking to Police

Suppose you have been charged with a crime. At this stage, it is best to avoid speaking to police about the crime, including written and oral statements following arrest. In fact, under no circumstances should you discuss your charges in detail with anyone but your criminal defense attorney.

Taking an Active Role in Your Legal Defense

Unfortunately, certain criminal charges can put your freedom at stake, and understandably, you want to assume an active role in your defense. However, it is vital not to forget that your criminal defense attorney is a legal professional, so you should listen to your lawyer’s advice and allow them to guide you through the process.

Failing to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Of all the mistakes you could make, failing to engage the services of a criminal defense attorney is probably the absolute biggest one. Without the assistance of a defense attorney, you are liable to make mistakes that cannot be undone. When your freedom is at stake, you need all the help you can get, and a criminal defense attorney will do everything to fight for your rights and obtain a favorable outcome. Before you even understand the case being built against it, it is time to hire a KC Criminal Defense first.

Social Media Posting 

Posting your case and charges on social media is one of the most harmful things you can do when in the position of a criminal defendant. Social media posts can severely impact your case, being admitted as evidence, so it is only in your best interest to avoid websites such as Facebook or Instagram until your case has concluded. 

Looking Sloppy in Court

While it may not seem fair, court appearances do matter. If you arrive looking dirty or unkempt, you will not be doing yourself any favors. Although juries and judges are supposed to focus solely on the law, they only sometimes do so. Their personal biases may sometimes affect their decisions.

Resisting Arrest

While you are not legally obligated to talk to the police, you are not allowed to act as you want. Yelling, resisting arrest, or getting physical with a police officer will most likely end badly. You could be hit with more charges, or they can even use physical force to bring you in, leading to severe injuries. 

Submitting to Tests Without Express Permission or a Court Order

Law enforcement officers may ask you to submit to a breath, blood, or DNA test when they first detain you. Unless your criminal defense lawyers say it is okay or you are presented with a court order, you do not have to agree. If the police request you to take a test while you are questioned but do not have a warrant, they cannot force you to agree.

Withholding Information From Your Defense Lawyer

Understanding that your criminal defense lawyer is on your side is vital. You do not need to be embarrassed or ashamed; they are not there to judge you. You will make their job more difficult if you do not tell them the whole story. Moreover, they can only provide you with the best legal representation if they have all the facts.